Faery Demo on Multi-monitor setup

Faery Demo on Multi-monitor setup

Postby Khimaira » 27 August 2011, 20:15

Hi, I am trying to run the demo but all I end up with is a flickering black screen, a cursor, and music.

Win7 64, Nvidia 460GTX (latest drivers), Realtek onboard audio

I have two monitors, which I assume is the issue but I am hoping there is a fix that doesn't involve disconnecting one whenever I want to play. I run the demo and both screens flicker as if the game is trying to set the correct resolution but it never does. I can see the game cursor and hear music but that's it.

I've tried running in various compatibility modes, as administrator, disabling desktop composition, and disabling visual themes.
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Re: Faery Demo on Multi-monitor setup

Postby FocusTechSupport » 05 September 2011, 09:27

I am very sorry but there is no patch yet in order to fix this multi-monitor issue.
Our technical support has not yet information about an upcoming game update.
The only solution is to disable your 2nd monitor.
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