[FIXED] Game quits at character creation

Re: Game quits at character creation

Postby ender » 12 November 2011, 11:07

Same issue for me.+1
I upgrade to 280.62, still crash.
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Re: Game quits at character creation

Postby Cadfan » 10 December 2011, 07:37

I also have this problem.

I am also using an NVidia graphics card, and using the most recent drivers.

All my other programs presently function without flaw, so I will not be doing any elaborate tweaks.

I am attempting to run the demo version of the game in anticipation of purchase.

The game crashes if I leave it open for a few moments. I've tried going into different menus, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I initially thought it was character select, but now I think its just the general operation of the game.

I understand that this is a game from a French company, so replies on the English language board may not be as quick. But that doesn't change matters for me with regards to purchase: I will not purchase a game that is incompatible with Windows 7 and an NVidia card, because I cannot play it.

If an easy solution is available, let me know. Alternately, this should be patched.
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Re: Game quits at character creation

Postby odega » 12 December 2011, 21:46

It should be patched indeed, but I doubt it will ever be.
Paypal refuses me a refund because I have been patient, 45 days is the limit it seems. Patience is a virtue they say!
Gamersgate does not update their website to reflect the game is currently broken for all having PC with Nvidia cards and keep selling it without warning customers (that what, 50% of customers, oh darn let's ignore them!)
Very very disapointed.

Inacceptable Focus, ce n'est pas comme ça qu'on réussi dans un business.
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Re: Game quits at character creation

Postby Takana » 31 March 2012, 20:44

As described by others, the game also crashed during character creation on my machine. (64bit Winsows 7, nVidia graphics). Strangely the game worked flawlessly on the computer of my wife, which has a roughly equal configuration. Only during the installation process on her machine, I aborted the installation of directX and PhysX right away. It seems these two will be messing things up. Alas, un- and reinstalling does not helped to get the game working on my machine. I guess once directX and physX have tried some installing the damage is done.

But, another surprise, the game works fine with wine-emulation (yes, I know. Its not an emulator...) under OpenSuse 12.1. I just installed it with directX and PhysX and needed no tweaking in the standard wine configs, that came with this distribution.

I also tried to install into a WindowsXP installation in a VMWare virtual Machine. It doesn't crash, but the graphics are messed up.
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Re: Game quits at character creation

Postby CWright88 » 11 April 2012, 13:36

I've tried everything at least twice and it still does the same thing. I even installed the specific physx driver and still nothing. I sincerely hope they are doing something about this cause I played the demo on a PS3 and it was amazing. Definitely a game worth buying if you can get it to work.
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Re: Game quits at character creation

Postby Freemen31 » 07 May 2012, 16:42

Hi all ! Sorry for bad English ) Try this ! Go to C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Faery - Legends of Avalon and open "graphicconfig.txt". In this file change WINDOWED=1 to WINDOWED=0 try enter the game and press (emmmm... i'm don't know how say this in English O_o =DDD) left of "Close window" button(LAST STEP VERY IMPORTANT). Game will work at Window, but this is batter than nothing )
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Re: Game quits at character creation

Postby neurovx » 11 May 2012, 23:10

I must say that I was having load up crash issues too, but I took the previous poster's (freeman) advice and started out in "windowed mode". No problems after that!
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Re: Game quits at character creation

Postby stavies » 03 July 2012, 20:37

Same issue here on my PC: Core 2 Duo 3.16, 4 Gigs RAM, Nvidia GTX 55oti :(
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