Free or not?

Free or not?

Postby Arkinlae » 14 November 2012, 22:26

Please read this all the way through as this has confused me and also made me sad I cant play the fullgame. (I apologise for spelling mistakes I am using a phone)

Well today (14th November 2012) my husband was asking if there was anything I wanter off PSN. I instantly said Faery as I've been wanting to play it for ages. So we went on PS Store to find out how much it was. To my surprise ( and at the time delight), it said Add to Cart Free Trial and Unlock. There was no option for a demo at all and no price anywhere to be seen so I instantly added it to the cart and confirmed purchase etc. I did have to pause/stop the download as I was going out to do the shopping when I came back. I installed it really excited that I might be able to play it, but when it got to the menu it said Unlock full game.
I was confused for obvious reasons. When I went back to the store and did EXACTLY the same search it now said Add to Cart £11.99 and underneath Download demo. It did not say that in the morning I even checked my download history and it says trial and unlock. I assumed that meant I have the game trial and the code to unlock the full game together. From the way the page looked I refuse to think it was just a page for the demo as there was only one page on my search results. Not Faery: Game demo page and Faery Game unlock page. Was it a glitch or something?
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Re: Free or not?

Postby The_deceased » 24 November 2012, 16:20

Welcome to the forums, :) .

The game is not free; you will have to buy the activation key in order to play the full version. You can still play the trial, and it will prompt you at the various points to unlock the full game. As for the new store when it comes to Faery, it seems that there is indeed one tab for both Free trial/Purchase or [download]. I just tried myself and it immediately started downloading the activation key, even though I do not have the trial downloaded, lol. This new store is confusing.

Keep us updated :)
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