Activation limit reached??

Activation limit reached??

Postby onemeg » 19 June 2011, 22:51

I installed the game twice (once at home, once at work) and have now built a new system and am reinstalling everything. When I go to activate Faery, I get a message saying that I've reached the maximum number of activations with the serial number. Two??? Reallly??? I bought direct from the developer, what a pity, if I had bought from Gamer's Gate (or most other sites) I would have as many reinstallations as needed.

Is there any actual customer support to contact for this game, because I could not find any.
Things like this give me a very sour taste in my mouth when I was trying to directly support the developer. Perhaps I would have been better off getting a keygen, eh?
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Re: Activation limit reached??

Postby romfromfocus » 20 June 2011, 08:49

Hello onemeg,

You can contact the technical support of Faery by e-mail by writing to:
Please copy / paste what you have written here in the body of your email and the URL to this topic as well.
The technical support will check your key and solve the problem in the shortest possible time.
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