Spell Limitations

Spell Limitations

Postby PutridLoincloth » 17 November 2010, 22:31

Congratulations on the game. I'll post some comments after I've played some more. I'm having a problem with Spell Limitations and how they work. I have the spell "Nova" but I can't seem to use it in combat. What do spell limitations do and what impact do they have in combat?
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Re: Spell Limitations

Postby Gobemouche » 18 November 2010, 11:52

Hello PutridLoincloth,

We found a small bug about Azielle's Nova. If you play a male character, your friend Azielle can cast Nova for 3 action points, but at the time she got the spell you only have 2 points. You will be able to cast this spell later (after unlocking your third action point).
Sorry for this, we'll fix it soon.

Have a nice day ;)
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Re: Spell Limitations

Postby swirlwind » 19 November 2010, 12:40


Stars indicate how many action points you need to use for a given action and spell limitations indicate how many turns you need to wait before you can use a given spell/action. So basically with Nova I think you have to wait for one turn before using it. Once you've used it, you have to again wait for one turn before using it again. Hope this helps.
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