Combat Suggestions

Combat Suggestions

Postby The_deceased » 10 June 2014, 06:30

Few things I thought that would make the combat more fluid back in the day when I still believed in Faery: The Sequel, :P .

Attacking the same foe three times (I am just that ruthless) means that you just sit there and watch your character repeat the same move three times which gets a bit old after a while. I think it would be better if there was some sort of an in-game action scene showing your character pulling off a combo e.g. you decided to cast three spells on a crab, it shows your character wave the wand three times consecutively, launching three spells one after another. Another example would be If you attacked the same foe physically, then it shows your faery stringing three strikes like a hack’n’slash game. With that being said, I thought it would also be cool if there were some extra effects depending on your success rate like if you attacked all three foes with a fire spell and all attacks landed, you get an extra special move that sets their side of the field ablaze, or if you attacked the same foe and all three attacks landed, an ally jumps in and continues the attack, or maybe if you attacked three times and the first two attacks missed, you lose the third action or even give the enemy the chance to counter if all three were evaded. I think that an ultimate attack would make things more intense e.g. all three characters managed to attack all three foes each within their respective turn, you pull off a mega move showing all three characters launching an all-out attack on all foes. There are many possibilities.
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