Faery concept art

Faery concept art

Postby Yusaris » 30 December 2011, 11:33

Hey everyone. I've been digging through the net in search of the game's concept art. I mean here images that show up on loading screens. I was planning to draw some Faery: LoA fan arts and could use those images as an inspiration. Unfortunately, the clear view of those is nowhere to be found and I really don't feel like camping my TV with camera in my hand to capture them :( (I play on X360). So here's my question, has anyone of you seen them on the net or has them stored on hard disk? Maybe I missed something. Would really appreciate the help :)
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Re: Faery concept art

Postby Sencilia » 01 January 2012, 12:38

On the Faery website, theres some concept art in the character pages. But you gotta do a quick screen capture before the renders cover them. You could also get the PC version and do more screen captures.
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