The ending...?

Re: The ending...?

Postby The_deceased » 12 December 2012, 16:34

That is really unfortunate, lol. Even if they don't release any sequels, I highly recommend playing it considering that you enjoyed it a lot! Surely the ending is rather disappointing, but the overall journey is more than makes up for it :) .

I'll definitely keep you updated and thank you very much for the support regardless.

Just messaged about 5 pages worth of members (let's hope that they have their notification activated). Also, I posted a thread on gamefaqs on both sides (PS3/Xbox360) and would have included PC if it weren't for the fact that the Pc version is buggy and encountered many unresolved crashes as far as I know.

We got considerable support so far and hope that we will garner even more in the future, :) .
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Re: The ending...?

Postby LionPL » 13 December 2012, 03:49


Impressive job you guys did considering that I only posed 1 message on this board and kinda forgot all about it.

Fully agree. I played the demo on my PS3 quite some time ago and was immediately hooked. Totally.

I loved the old fashioned ("no nonsense") game play as well as all the details the developers put into it. I mean; just take a look at the "game screen" (when you select the demo / game in the PS3 game menu). The small faery is wearing leaves, and they look so very realistic. As if they just fell of a tree.

In fact, I was so thrilled about it that I even wrote a full review on the official Playstation forum, check this (Dutch) review out.

SO yeah; fully agreed here. The game was totally refreshing (the small fearies really brought in a whole new perspective) and although some wasn't quite perfect (like the seeking of the papers) it was enjoyable.

You got my vote & support!
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Re: The ending...?

Postby freyawenonah » 13 December 2012, 08:12

Thank you guys! This is going very well :D I am so grateful for everyone's support and help and hopefully we can make a difference!

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Re: The ending...?

Postby The_deceased » 24 February 2013, 04:15

69 votes :o very good, but the publishers need at least 6900 to reconsider, lol. Still a good job everyone, :) .
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Re: The ending...?

Postby Briling » 10 March 2013, 19:31

I have signed the petition as well.

I really loved this game, and I especially loved that they pulled stuff from actual folklore for it. That just made it for me, I think. Folks making up a world for a fantasy RPG has been done over and over, but I can't remember ever playing a game like this before. AND getting to customize your character? Words are not adequate for how much I loved this game - until the abrupt ending that left me gaping at the screen, that is.

Also, I did play the PC version, and while I initially experienced problems upon starting up the game it was very quickly fixed. I've had similar (and more persistent) problems with more popular games, and those were usually more annoying to solve. This was no more difficult than, say, installing a mod. (If I remember correctly, I think I had to go into the .ini file to switch a 0 to a 1... or visa versa. Maybe I just had to download a patch? It was last year, so I'm not entirely sure, but the game was perfectly fine after I did whatever it was I did.)
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Re: The ending...?

Postby FeliciaSerenity » 12 March 2013, 01:52

there is a facebook page that has over 1,000 likes I'm sure if you could post the petition link on there you could get more people to sign.
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